Coffee & Sweet Orange Body Scrub

Organic coffee does most of the hard work to remove rough dead skin while essential oils of coconut and orange not only smell divine but do lovely nourishing things for your skin too.

$79 | 45mins
Organic Sea Salt & Coconut Oil Body Scrub
Body Scrub is 98% natural, oil based exfoliator. It has double function. Sea Salt and coconut oil powder exfoliate dead skin cells, easing the top skin layer renewal, gives skin extra nourishing and moisturising effect. This product is safe for every kind of skin.
$79 | 45mins
Dry Body Brushing
Stimulates lymphatic & blood flow while reducing the appearance of fine lines & cellulite through increased cell renewal. Involves swiping brush strokes always in the direction towards your heart. Must be booked in conjunction with a 60-minute treatment
$25 | 15 mins

Body Wrap

Anti cellulite
Reduce cellulite problems.
$79 | 45mins
Detoxifying - Helps to remove toxins from the skin
Helps to remove toxins from the skin.
$79 | 45mins